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  • Reglan
    Reglan stimulates muscle contractions and is prescribed to treat heartburn caused by gastroesophageal ...
  • Celebrex
    Celebrex is a NSAID used to treat acute pain caused by arthritis or menstruation.
  • Voltarol
    Voltarol is NSAID. It is used to reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, gout, sprains, ...

  • Neurontin
    Neurontin is a derivative of GABA used to relieve pain.
  • Cartia Xt
    Cartia is used in treatment hypertension, chest pain (angina) and certain heat rhythm disorders.
  • Skelaxin
    Metaxalone is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) in ...

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  1. January 04, 2018

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    Akathisia - Wikipedia
  2. December 30, 2017. Metoclopramide (Reglan) :: Nationwide Children's Hospital ( eglan) Sometimes Reglan® will cause unusual side effects called Extrapyramidal Side Effects (EPSE). These side effects are muscle spasms the child cannot control. The child may: Turn his eyes upward. Appear to have a stiff or "locked" jaw. Have trouble talking or moving his mouth and tongue. Bend or twist his neck to one side.
  3. January 06, 2018
    combiflam pain relief i1
    18 Jun 2014. Since then I have been suffering with this awful jaw pain, difficulty opening and chewing with my jaw, facial pain, and pretty much all of the general symptoms. The only time I had anything like this was a year ago in the hospital. I had a systemic reaction to Reglan and Compezine. My jaw clenched down and .
  4. January 01, 2018
    livial side effects joint pain i2
    Abdominal or stomach pain or tenderness; black, tarry stools; bluish-colored lips, fingernails, or palms; blurred vision; chest pain or discomfort; chills; clay colored stools; confusion; cough or hoarseness; dark urine; decrease in the amount of urine; decreased appetite; decreased urine output; difficulty in swallowing; dilated .
  5. January 03, 2018
    15 Oct 2017. Taking metoclopramide may cause you to develop a muscle problem called tardive dyskinesia... tightening of the muscles, especially in the jaw or neck; speech problems; depression; thinking about harming or killing yourself; fever; muscle stiffness; confusion; fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat; sweating . i3
    Metoclopramide: MedlinePlus Drug Information
  6. December 31, 2017

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    Is PAIN IN JAW a side effect of REGLAN ? ( )
  7. January 05, 2018
    reglan label i5
    Reglan - Metoclopramide | The Oncology Institute of Hope and...
  8. January 02, 2018
    cipralex joint pain i6
    Call your veterinarian immediately if your pet exhibits uncontrollable movements or muscle spasms of the legs, lips, jaw, tongue, face or other body part, agitation, jitteriness, shortness of breath or insomnia. Metoclopramide may cause drowsiness. What is metoclopramide: Metoclopramide is a gastrointestinal stimulant used .

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