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  • Cymbalta
    Cymbalta heals depression, relieves peripheral neuropathic pains associated with diabetes.
  • Voltaren Xr
    Voltaren Xr is NSAID, it reduces inflammation and pain in patients with arthritis or acute ...
  • Glucophage Xr
    Glucophage Xr is an oral diabetes medicine used to treat type 2 of diabetes.

  • Effexor Xr
    Effexor Xr is an antidepressant to treat major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Septilin
    Septilin is an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory herbal formulation, which strengthen ...
  • Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium is used to prevent and treat calcium deficiencies.

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    28160416 - Alberta Health - Drug Benefit List - Blue Cross

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  • Trental
    Trental is a muscle relaxant to treat intermittent claudication.
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